Snuffle Dog cafe is the passion of Silvia Fois At the heart of our concept is the love for dogs. We believe that our four-legged family deserve to be a part of our daily lives and social experiences.

That’s why we’ve created a space at Snuffle where dog lovers and their canine companions can come together to enjoy good food, great drinks, and community.

Snuffle started with a simple dream: to create a haven for both dogs and their humans. We believe that dogs are not just pets; they’re family. So, we set out to build a place where our beloved furry companions could frolic, socialize, get pampered, and enjoy tasty treats, all while you sip on a cup of our delicious coffee, wines or indulge in a delicious pastries & Piadinas on offer.

Pawsome Services We Offer

Dog Daycare: Our dog daycare is where the magic happens. It’s a canine playground where dogs can run, chase, bark, and just be themselves. Our team of dog-loving humans is on hand to ensure everyone has a barking good time.

Grooming Services: At Snuffle, we’re all about making your pup look and feel like a superstar. Our grooming experts are here to pamper your four-legged friends, from stylish haircuts to soothing baths that leave your pup feeling fresh and fabulous.

The Dog-Friendly Cafe: Our cafe is where the magic really comes to life. While your pup enjoys the daycare or gets a grooming makeover, you can unwind with a hot cup of tea or coffee and savor a delightful pastry. Our light seasonal menu will tickle your taste buds, and our friendly staff will make you feel right at home.

Our Community of Dog Lovers

We’re not just a business; we’re a family of dog lovers. You’re not just customers; you’re our fellow dog-obsessed pals. Whether you come for a puppuccino and pastry or bring your furry friend for a day of play, we’re all here to celebrate our mutual affection for these tail-wagging wonders.

Visit Us and Join the Fun

Located in the Wells park road,Sydenham, South-east London.

Snuffle Dog Cafe is here to serve you and your furry friend. Stop by for a cup of coffee, a delicious selection of pastries or our seasonal light menu, or pamper your pup with our daycare and grooming services.

Contact Us

Got a question or just want to chat about all things dog-related? Give us a bark at +44 20 3343 7419 or drop us an email at info@snuffledogcafe.com. You can also stay updated on our latest doggy escapades by following us on Social Media.

At Snuffle, it’s all about the dogs, the coffee, and the good company. We can’t wait to share the doggie love with you and your furry friends. See you soon! 🐾 🐶 ☕